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There's Cake in My Future

There's Cake in My Future - Kim Gruenenfelder Review also on DanniMae.com

Loved it! I got exactly what I expected out of “There’s Cake in my Future,” and I couldn’t have been happier with it. It’s a chick-lit that follows the story of three best friends in their different stages of love: one getting married, one wanting to get married, and one thinking she just wants a hot romance. But when a cake pull (which is a beautiful idea, by the way) goes awry, all of the girls end up with something else. This book was light, fun, sweet, and don’t you just love the cover?

Buuut moving along, more detail. I loved how what was happening to Nic and Mel turned to utter devastation (because I’m cruel like that) during the course of their romances. Their attitudes in the face of (light) tragedy made the book worth reading. I loved Mel’s screw-it-all-and-go-nuts personality and even Nic’s constant comedic groaning. As for Seema, I generally hate the whole pining-after-someone-for-the-majority-of-a-book-because-we-both-know-we-want-each-other-but-neither-of-us-admits-it-because-we’re-too-sissy-and-also-the-book-would-then-only-be-three-pages-long plot device, but when it came to Seema, she had legitimate reasons to believe Scott wasn’t into her at all, and even I wasn’t sure, which is new because in a romance, the reader is always sure. Sometimes the half-flirty way they treated each other was ridiculous to me, and I just wanted to say “the line’s right there! Just jump over it!” because no woman should fall asleep in the arms of a man when she’s not sure if he’s into her- you just can’t do that to yourself. But for the most part, Seema’s story was enjoyable, too.

Also, loved the flow of time that There’s Cake in my Future took. It began at Nicole’s wedding, rewound to the events before, and then continued the wedding and went from there. It was an unusual way to do things, seeing as the majority of the book was written linearly, but it works well for this one.

And although it was completely unrealistic, I loved Mel’s ending.

Overall, a light and fun read for someone in a bad mood or feeling lonely. Or someone looking to get married themselves. Or someone who’s about to be a bridesmaid. (Which is the same as wanting to get married yourself.)