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Bone Gap

Bone Gap - Laura Ruby Devoured in a day. Or less! Just took me a few days to post it here. For faster reviews, visit me at DanniMae.com.
Bone Gap is a fantasy written as a fairytale that perfectly hits that sweet-spot between reality and magic. Beautiful and ethereal, it fascinated me with the way its characters saw the world and the strong personalities of everyone involved. I loved the characters. I loved Finn with his daydreamy way of talking to animals and I loved Roza and her defiant self-sacrifice in the face of fear. This book was a four star instead of a five due only to the rarity of defining moments or memorable lines, and although that’s a point away from perfect in my book, it can’t be seen as entirely a bad thing: Bone Gap flows as easily as the lives of the people within it, and despite the magic and unexplainable circumstances, this makes it all the more real.
But it is not without its inconsistencies! Although the characters that are spoken of commonly- the ones with names- are all dynamic and unique, none of them fit the so-called personality of the town. Bone Gap- the place- itself is described as a gossipy small-town community, but I got a sense that the undefined speaking roles were all just a part of the scenery, adding to the character of the town whereas none of the people we actually got to know in the book quite fit the bill. This somehow makes the town seem smaller or as if the events happening in the book aren’t happening within the town at all, but in a separate, different location. All of this, however, is pretty nitpicky and doesn’t at all effect the way I feel about Bone Gap- the book, not the place- which is a daydreamy sort of fondness.
Overall, Bone Gap is perfect for a lazy day read- particularly a rainy, lazy day- and good for a little bit of escape from reality.