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Accidentally Married

Accidentally Married - Victorine E. Lieske I adored this book; it was a fun and simple read. At first, the impulsive (nutcase) behavior of the main character led me to believe I wasn't going to like it at all, but by the end I came to love Madison and Jared, as well as all of the side characters in Accidentally Married.

The relationship between Madison and Jared was completely realistic in my opinion; it started off with him thinking she was a nutcase (which was COMPLETELY realistic, considering she started off as a nutcase) and the progression of their love was slow and steady, happening bit-by-bit. By the end, they had a strong and believable relationship, and even the ""he/she can't possibly love me"" moments they had- which I normally despise in a book- were very realistic and well-played, which made them both enjoyable and heart-wrenching.

Speaking of heart-wrenching, I cried. Why is every book making me cry lately? I used to NEVER cry. Maybe I'm just finding good books. But their bond was perfect and I loved every second of them.

One thing that was lacking was the side characters. They were mostly all dynamic and different, but I found myself always wanting to know MORE about them. I wanted to spend more time exploring Jared's family and especially Patricia's fiancee, considering Madison was sharing her marriage with them and he had no more than five speaking lines in the book. I wanted to know more especially about Jared's and Madison's mothers, as the information on both of them was pretty bare-minimum. Also, a lot of the actions Jared's family took- without spoiling any of them- seemed unrealistic, but that could have been explained if I had known them better.

So overall, a very fun, cute read that I found myself really enjoying. I was constantly thinking about this book and whenever I wasn't reading it, I wanted to be. Not to mention my biggest problem with it is that I wanted more of it. Totally worth the read for someone looking for something fast, cute, and light.