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One Week Girlfriend

One Week Girlfriend - Monica  Murphy To be fair, I'll admit that my two-star rating may be a little biased. This book wasn't bad, it just simply wasn't my type. When I read the title, ""One Week Girlfriend,"" it had the same lightness to it as ""Anna goes Shopping,"" or ""Georgia finds The One,"" and although I wasn't exactly looking for a children's novel, I wasn't looking for a sex book either.
A lot of the points in this book were far too graphic for me, and I'll admit that halfway through I started to skim those scenes instead of fully reading them, but the reason I didn't just put this down, deciding it wasn't for me, was all the mystery surrounding Drew's character.
If there's one thing I love, it's a secret.
Other than all the sex, the several bombshells and surprises this book offers keeps it very interesting, so I had to see it through.
Overall, I think it's a wonderful book for someone who enjoys something a little more kinky, but that's just not me.